Master Stylist

photo of Michael  Belle, Master Stylist Michael Belle
Salon Studio
27 Mine Mount Rd.
Bernardsville, NJ, 07924 USA

From Bernardsville to Las Vegas, Michael takes his expertise with him as he commutes between both locations. Michael has been in the industry for 20 years servicing private and salon clients. He studied and worked for Wella, Paul Mitchell, Graham Webb, Prive' Artec, and Matrix. Michael has continued his education at The L’Oreal Professional Soho Academy in New York City as well as The Prive' Institute in Los Angeles. In addition Michael is a Seton Hall Graduate.

He specializes in personalized haircuts and dimensional haircolor. Michael is certified in Keratin/Smoothing Services. Michael loves his New Jersey clients, which is why he continues to commute, stating, "They have been loyal to me for so long, I am forever grateful." His clients appreciate his level of professionalism and dedication to their needs.

From early morning appointments to late in the evening, Michael is committed to making sure his clients are accommodated. In his spare time at home in Las Vegas, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, shopping, hiking, and working with Animal Rescue Groups. His love for his dogs has made him passionate about animal rescue.