photo of Kristen, Stylist Kristen
Salon Studio
27 Mine Mount Rd.
Bernardsville, NJ, 07924 USA

Kristen is a stylist at Salon Studio. As beauty expert, she’s best known for balayage 
hair coloring, razor cutting, and styling. Her clients love how she makes hair color 
treatments look so natural, along with her amazing ability to create timeless hair 
designs that have longevity. 
With 8 years in the salon industry, and an extensive knowledge of hair and beauty, 
Kristen has worked for Bumble & Bumble, Redken, and Arrojo as a color, haircutting 
and stylist trainer. 
Kristen strives to set a good example for her team by staying challenged, 
progressing, and sharing her knowledge and skills. When she’s not behind the chair 
at the salon, she can be found pursuing other creative things such as art, sewing, 
crochet, gardening, home improvement, and bee keeping! Kristen also spends her 
time participating in missionary work and time at the local animal shelter. She’s 
passionate about Love True, a nonprofit organization fighting sex trafficking in NJ. 
She is a true artist who will never give up her personal expression, her coffee, or her 
lovely cats. Kristen is an asset to the amazing team at Salon Studio.